Jack of all trades

I’d never had a serious interest in reading. I did read the textbooks advised by my school’s curriculum but never anything out of syllabus. Back then, which is somewhat 6 years ago, I used to idle in front of the television for hours. Heck, I could lounge on the couch for eternity if I may be hyperbolic. Then, my mom bought me my first novel. And I was hooked. I lost my reading virginity to a 500-page novel. I read it day and night and I was changed by the experience.

In the years that came, I read everything that I could get my hands on – philosophy, science, literature, history, economics, business …

But when all that knowledge is crammed into one tiny brain, problems arise. The human brain is a specialist. It loves to specialize in a certain task more than others. Having built up an extensive reading list, my mind wanders off in every possible direction. To give you a feel of the nomad my brain has become, let me tell you of my varying professional interests over the years.

8th Grade – Superhero, of course.

Junior College – Engineer, physicist, artist

Degree College – Writer, filmmaker, philosopher

My mind, I now realize, doesn’t have one particular focus. I just want to take it all in. I don’t want to miss anything that this world can give me. And in this pursuit of everything, focusing my whole life on one goal seems like a waste. So here I am, on a break from my bachelor’s degree. I have taken time away from formal education to find the real me. It will take a lot of time to find a place in this world, but someday, the world will celebrate me. I’ve chosen not to be a jack of all trades, but neither will I be a master of none.



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