Love begins like this…

Love begins in a shallow manner. You are attracted to someone. Soon you develop a crush on them. This little caterpillar of a crush matures into a fully winged infatuation. At this point, every little nuance of their behavior excites you, pleases you. Your friends begin to tease you by their name and every time they cross your path, a heart that has beaten ever so constantly – misses a beat.

When that happens, you decide that you can no longer keep the secret. And then returns the erratic beating of the heart. You break into sweats just before you finally speak your heart.

“I love you”

These three words spoken to the right person, change your life. It is now clear by their smile. You are theirs and they are yours for a long while.  Love stories start out as an immature attraction. The ocean begins with a shallow shore. As time passes , the relationship grows deeper. You wade further into the ocean, the water gets grows bluer and richer. What starts with a shallow shore becomes an abyss. The love you both have is now an island in that ocean. It weathers the storms that come its way, it breaks off mighty waves. And in all that terrible chaos called life, the island stands unmoved.


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