And so the magician vanished

via Daily Prompt: Vanish

Vanishing tricks have been the greatest attraction of all magic shows. Like the rabbit out of a hat, making something vanish has become a staple of magic shows all over the world. And if you look closely at a magician’s show, it is in itself a trick. The magician appears at the beginning of the show and at the end, he vanishes.

But no one asks about what happens after the magician leaves the stage ?  Most of us just go home to our families and resume our everyday lives. We stop being an audience after the show ends but a magician on stage is also a magician in everyday life. When he’s not performing magic for our amusement, he is practising it. He goes home and works on his tricks to better them, perfect them or if need be, re-invent them. In the life of a successful and hard working magician, the work never vanishes. In a mad effort to amuse his audience,  he often hurts himself perfecting dangerous stunts. And despite all of the physically taxing rehearsals, you never see as much as a slight twitch in the perfect flow of a magician’s hands.

What you see on stage as a breathtaking performance, is the culmination of years of dedicated practice and unfaltering confidence. Actually, when the show ends, the showman vanishes. But the magician does not vanish. He goes home to continue being a man of magic and vanishing acts.


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