The Runners High

Remember the high you got when you ran that 800-metre lap ? or maybe you took to jogging after health concerns got to you. Whatever be the reason you run, you always get a kind of high afterwards. Your muscles ache but pleasantly. You are out of breath but somehow, huffing and panting for oxygen makes you feel alive. After you have cooled down from a morning run, the blood is still flowing rapidly to all parts of your body. This makes you feel energetic and fresh. This feeling might be the sole reason some people continue to run. They get addicted to the ‘Runners High’.

For me personally, the high is completely different. Since I was a kid, I’ve had  a single dream. I’ve always wanted to fly. I still want to. Not in a plane, although I would like to do that too. No, I want to fly like birds do. I want to feel the wind hitting my face. I want to feel it lifting me up as it flows past my hands. The only possible way to do that was also impossible : Being superman. And I asked my mom repeatedly to which her unchanging answer was : “No , we did not find you in a crashed alien spaceship.”

And then I had to grow up. Getting conscious of how you look is a big part of the process. And so, to shed the baby fat – I started jogging every day. I would cruise for a few laps. Then just for fun, I did a short sprint. It so happens that after you’ve jogged for a few laps, your muscles warm up and are juiced up for intense athletic action.Your lungs and heart are powered up completely. When you start sprinting, you realize your legs are running faster than they usually can. You push a bit harder and feel your heart holding up quite well at such speed. Your senses become hyper aware of the surroundings, a result of the increased blood flow. This is when you can feel the wind on your skin. And if you push yourself a bit faster, you can feel the wind lifting a bit of your weight. It feels like any second you could leap into the air and fly.

This feeling of being closer to be able to fly motivates me. Every day, I get my ass out of the bed and treat myself to the possibility of flight and perhaps a fuller life.

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