Driving in India

Driving safely is no rocket science. But if you have the  fortune of driving in India, you are no lesser than a genius. 

Here, people are in perpetual hurry. Some one is always late to reach somewhere. Or atleast they drive like that. 

Indian driving basic principle : Everyone is always in a hurry.

And if you think you are being an ideal citizen by driving at or below the speed limit, think again. You will find that you are at least being a nuisance. Other cars will honk away until you give way or up your speed. 

Indian driving tip no. 1 – Speed limit is meant to be broken

And remember, the learner sign you put up behind your car is not a cautionary warning. It is a free pass for other cars to overtake yours from all sides. 

Indian driving tip no. 2 – The Learners sign is an invitation for others to overtake you.

And don’t get me started over lane discipline. Almost no Indian driver sticks to the lane. 

Indian driving tip no. 3 – Lanes are just lines that don’t mean anything.

And if you hail from a country where animals aren’t supposed to walk on roads, you’ll have a tough time navigating through the frequent herds of buffaloes slowing down traffic. 

Indian driving tip no. 4 – Cattle is sacred.  If it’s in your way, it’s not an obstacle.

Having honestly deconstructed Indian driving for the new drivers, a note of advice is due. Take this information with a grain of salt. This article is meant to be typical and not an accurate representation. Not everyone in India drives like a maniac. As you take to the road, you’ll find a lot of disciplined drivers. And you’ll never be in trouble if you stick to the traffic regulations. So before you introduce yourself to the Indian road, get familiar with the regulations and symbols. This will make driving a pleasant experience. 


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