Writing something great

I always get the feeling of wanting to write something great. But seldom do I think about what goes into a great piece of writing. Today, lets adress this : writing something great.

Writing is  form of expression through words. In the various literary forms, you express your thoughts, emotions or may be even events. A majority of what most of us write is a result of our experiences and our memories. So it is only logical to spend some time in getting experiences and making memories. Your life experience gives depth to your writing and makes it come alive. If not coupled with a great experience, an article is just an article. It is your connection to it that makes your article relatable and fresh. It doesn’t matter what you write about – unless you take the time to experience your subject naturally. This extra time really does wonders for your writing and differentiates it from other average pieces.

Another aspect of great writing is research. Before you write anything, research is a must. You have to let the subject seep in so that its nuances become natural to you. Writers who do extensive research often produce some of the best works of fiction. Their works have the feel of being authentic and that makes them relatable 

And then remains the question of style. This is the identity of a writer. It his particular to his own writings and relfects his personal preferences. So there is no hard and fast rule for great style, except that it should be easy and functional yet beautiful. How that is achieved is an open ended problem . 

This ends the question of great writing. But all great writing stems from great living. And great living sprouts out of great thoughts. So be brave and let your thoughts take the size they want to. 

Let free the reigns and watch it( the brain ) do miracles .


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