The costs of being a foodie

Resisting the temptation of taste is very difficult. Even more for a foodie. And giving in to seductions of food has consequences.

Since the last 50 years, the food industry has grown rapidly. And this has resulted in a new segment of people that like to explore new food. Thus the term ‘foodie’. A foodie like trying out new dishes and experimenting with various cuisines. But this need for exploration comes with some costs.

Health concerns : The food that you find at modern eateries is not always healthy. To get the amazing tastes you love, the ingredients go through a lot of processing. As a result, the food loses a lot of its nutritional value as compared to home preparations. A foodie has a constant intake of such foods and this can lead to a lot of gastronomic diseases (gastro : stomach ) If you are a foodie, you need to watch your outside food. It is wise to alternate between eating at a food joint and eating home cooked meals Also the best way to watch your health is to work out. Exercising frees the body of harmful fats while good morning jog also keeps your immune system healthy.

Financial concerns : Besides the hole that it burns in your stomach, it leaves a sizeable depression in your savings. Eating has become expensive since the explosion of the food industry. Eateries charge a hefty price for satisfying your taste buds. So making a living as a foodie is near to impossible. You have to be doing something else to compliment the curiosity of your taste buds. Either you need to have a good stable source of income or you have to have a job that is supplemented by you being a foodie eg. Food critic, Food Blogger, Chef etc.

Psychological concerns : Once a tiger gets the taste for human blood, he never turns back. A foodie might face a similar situation. One might get habituated to the rich tastes that eateries provide. Then a simple homecooked meal, while being healthy, might not satisfy the taste buds. To stop the taste buds from getting used to perfect taste, one must alternate between home cooked meals and eating out at a food joint. After all, maintaining health is the prime purpose of eating. And when food stops being healthy, it eventually will stop being tasty. To gist it, don’t get used to eating out. For then, home food won’t satisfy you and will leave you taste-hungry even when your stomach is full.

So these are the 3 things to watch out for if you are a foodie. If you aren’t a foodie, what is wrong with you ? Food is one of the finest pleasures of life, enjoy it !


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