Freedom is bought.

The founders of a company must be in ultimate control of it, right ? Why not, the founders are the ones who come up with the business plan and create the company from scratch. But life isn’t that convenient. The board of directors is in ultimate control of a company. These people are the ones who saw the opportunity and put the money. So business law dictates that the hand with the bigger cheque can pull the levers. In simple words, the freedom of the founder is lent to the money men and the value of his sweat and blood is reduced to pieces of paper.

And a similar but forced leasing of freedom happens in the life of a normal person. The parents when they’re in heat, decide to have a baby. The baby doesn’t have a say in this because he as of yet does not exist.  Birth happens without consent. And then the baby opens its eyes. If it wakes up in a democracy, it’s fine. If he doesn’t, the parents committed a heinous sin subjecting a new life to such terrible living that a dictatorship provides. The democracy baby is brought up to the idea of freedom – it believes and is kept under the illusion that freedom is his birthright. The baby grows up and his mind matures into a free animal. This one has never seen a cage. And then when the teenager wants to do something that is not necessarily wrong but doesn’t ring well with the opinions of his parents. That is when the unconditional caretakers become a board of directors. They remind you of the money they have invested in you. So you are duty bound to run with their opinion and accept what they think is best for you. The parents reduce the kid’s life to a financial statement. The free animal is now caged. That is until he can buy his way out of the cage and ‘earn’ his freedom.

A word to the parents of the world : If you think that you have the authority to stop your kid from going against your wishes just because you raised him, your argument is flawed. First of all, the decision to have a kid was your own. He didn’t ask to be born. And since this decision didn’t have the consent of the person being born , every parent loses the right to impose their opinions on their kid. Of course, guidance is the prime duty of every parent but the forcing of your opinions upon your kids is a crime against the fundamental freedoms. ( as stated by Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.)


Link to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights –


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