Pheonix : Emerging from the ashes

The legend of the Pheonix is well known. And it has been widely used in great literary works of many civilizations. But in every story that is told about the mythical beast, one theme keeps on recurring.

Rebirth from ashes

Rebirth is the identifying trait of the Phoenix. It is said to live for 500 years. Then at the end of its life, it takes the form of ash. From the same ashes, a new Phoenix is born. This is such a powerful metaphor that it has been used in every culture in some way or the other.

What the metaphor means for us ?

There are times when we feel completely exhausted. The struggle has been going on for so long that death seems closer than your goal. You are just about to give up because the fire that burned within you is now just a pile of ash. But just when you are ash, your rebirth begins. At that moment of despair, your mind is clearer than ever. And from that clarity, sparks a new flame. A new you is born, ready to defeat the problem and emerge a victor.

The Phoenix is an imaginary bird, but the metaphor is a real inspiration. Use it the right way and you will burn, and with your light, enlighten the world.

A man who has lost everything becomes a victor only when he realises he has nothing to lose.


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