Movie therapy – blowing off steam

It has been a long boring shift. You’ve been crunching numbers, filing documents and slaving off for the month end paycheque. The monotonicity has taken its toll. You need some color in your life. Then there’s no place like the movie theatre.

You are seated comfortably in an air-conditioned room. Everything is dark – perfect for giving your mind the rest it needs. You turn off your instincts that keep you alert rest of the time. Your nerves are starting to ease up. The tension in your muscles starts to fade away. And then the projector guy puts the movie on.

Watching a movie is a therapeutic experience. You see a fictional story played out in front of your eyes and sometimes the stories are real. But one thing about movies never changes. They refresh your mind. They take you to a distance from your own world. It is then that you see the bigger picture of your life. Being transported to a place beyond reality gives you a clear perspective of your own reality. Of course, some movies are for pure entertainment while some are purely artistic. Some are so scholastically made that you learn a lot from them. But the main essence of watching a movie remains constant – transportation – away from reality. Such is the addiction to this experience that we pay a good price to watch a movie ie. we are paying to get away from our own reality for a while.

When you watch a movie, it’s not just about the movie. It is about you.


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