What makes a great film?

Everyone has a different motive to watch a film. Some go to the movies to unwind, some watch them for pure entertainment while for a few, cinema is artistic fulfillment. But whatever your purpose for watching a film is, there are a few core aspects of a film that make it great. Be it a chick flick, an action adventure or a gritty arthouse film, a great film is a result of these:

The human connection

The story has to be a good observation of human behavior. There are a lot of things about us that we do not notice in real life and yet when presented on screen, true human behavior is fun to watch. An honest story with believable characters makes the film more relatable – the more empathy you have with a character, the more immersive the experience is for you. It isn’t just a coincidence that history’s greatest films have been those with a strong human connection.

Functional beauty in visuals

Beauty is paramount in every form of visual art. But the difference in other artforms and films is that beauty has a purpose. Every little effort done for beautifying the frame must also serve a greater purpose in the story or message of the film. Beauty without purpose is just lazy film making. When a filmmaker can make every pixel of his frame work towards the message he wants to convey, then you can blindly consider them a great filmmaker.

Sound that captures

It is the job of a sound recordist to capture sound and, it is the job of sound to capture its audiences. Sound gives a new dimension to the visuals. Emotions or feelings that can’t possibly be seen can be conveyed through the use of a good background score. This keeps the audience hooked to the characters on a subconscious level. You can have great visuals, the mightiest human connection and yet if you fall short on the quality of sound, the whole package just seems ugly. Bad sound is the key to bad filmmaking.

These 3 aspects can make or break a film. If you are a filmmaker or are studying filmmaking, keeping these in mind will give you a boost in the quality of your films.


If you want to know more about filmmaking or don’t agree with my opinion, write your suggestions, queries in the comments below or write to me at aniketchaughule1@gmail.com. Also, you can get in touch on any of my social profiles – the links are on the right side.

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