What dreams may be…

Dreams can be weird to the extent of abnormality. Sometimes the content of dreams is undecipherable by normal logic. And it drives us to assume that dreams are a complex phenomenon needing complex theories. But just what if… what goes behind making a dream is simpler than you think?

We’re bombarded by sensory data all day. The neural network in our brain is overloaded with traffic from all directions. Imagine a city at rush hour and worsen the situation by ten times. Above all this, the brain also has to conduct executive decisions ( like deciding to go by car or take the subway). Such heightened activity during the day means that the thoughts we’ve had, the feelings we’ve felt and the long-term memories we’ve made are disorganized. Imagine the state of your home after a big party. Everything is out of its place and needs to be put in order.

This reorganizing of data happens at night when the brain has no other stuff to attend to. All the little bits of information gathered during the day or sometime int the past, start running to their proper places. Since the neurons are interconnected, bits of information sometimes collide with each other. These collisions occur frequently.  Some of these collisions occur when a subconscious thought crosses the boundary into the conscious brain. These boundary crossings of subconscious thought and their subsequent collisions are projected as dreams onto our conscious.The collisions of unrelated bits of information is what gives dreams their lack of coherence. And the more unrelated the colliding bits are, the more incoherent the dream. This may also explain the coherent dreams that occur.

So the next time you have a dream, or perhaps even a nightmare – remember it is your brain cleaning up after the party.


Psychology and specifically the subject of dreams is open to debate. No one’s opinions are fact. What I put forth in my posts is just my opinion. And I would love to give you the opportunity to change my opinion – write to me at aniketchaughule1@gmail.com . You may also get in touch on my social profiles – the links are on the right.


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