One with the largest stick

Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.

This quote from Iron Man (2008) describes the sad truth about peace in our times. From being a universal concept, peace has become a relative one. Now, only the powerful have the luxury of peace.

Peace can be defined as the absence of war. But it is so much more than that. There must be harmony between nations, free trade between borders and cultural exchange between the people of the world. This is what the ideal situation should be. But the reality is completel different.

Trade is free at some places while strained at some. Not all nations are cooperative. Some are even positively aggresive. It is like a school cafeteria. Some get along and some don’t. While modern times have been relatively peaceful, the now small strains are potential wars of the future. It is for this exact reason that the tensions that exist between nations should be eradicated in the present itself. This will prevent needless future causalties. And this can be done by implementing a global curriculum around the world – one that fades away the political boundaries and encourages thought to fly beyond national considerations.Only then will these constant tensions and wars will cease once and for all.

But until the Utopia we dream of becomes a reality, there is a lot of work cut out for the citizens of the world. We have to make sure that whenever theirs unrest between borders, we do all we can to mitigate it. It is important that people raise their voice against political tensions. We all love our nations but the world is our home. We are a 10 billion strong family.

The more we communicate, the more peace there will be. So write to me at or you can get in touch on my social profiles – the links are on the right side.


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