Success and what it takes…

Finding success is simple,  all you have to do is work towards your goal with undeterred dedication. And then one day, success will be yours. This is simple but not at all easy. Everyone knows the secret to success and yet you find that there are a few who really succeed. Why does that happen? If everyone knows how to succeed then it is only logical that everyone should. Well, it isn’t that simple.

Work more and more

Just working with dedication doesn’t guarantee success. You have to work more than anyone can. An average person works for a certain amount of time, a successful person works double that or even triple that time. A winner always works more than the loser. He dedicates more time to his passion and then reaps the rewards of that extra time.

Read about your passion

Go to a bookstore, get online and read about your interest. Reading stimulates the brain and also embeds you with new ideas. So read a new book every month – if professional success is what you want, focus on reading about your profession. I cannot emphasize enough how important reading is. All great men have owed their greatness to their habit of reading. ( Reading is a topic I will cover indepth in another post – where I will elaborate on how to read efficiently, speedreading, deciding what books to read, managing your books.)

Stay inspired

Success is just 1% inspiration and yet that 1% is very crucial. You cannot work more than anyone can if you are not inspired. You will not take out the time to read if you are not inspired enough. Never lose inspiration. And if you do lose it, get it back – watch an inspirational talk, watch a movie, do anything to get that inspiration back. But don’t make a big deal out of inspiration. You have to spend only a necessary amount of time on inspiration. Remember, success is still 99 % perspiration (hardwork).


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