What hair does – Saving Hair Episode 1

Hair is an integral part of the self-image. And the loss thereof can be a blow to the confidence of an individual. So protecting your hair is of paramount importance. But before we start talking about protection, we must talk about function: What hair does?


Maintaining a constant body temperature is vital for normal functioning of the brain. When the head is exposed to hard sunlight, the temperature of brain increases. The hair on our head acts partially as shade – it shields us from most of the sunlight. But UV rays still get past hair and manage to heat up the brain. In that case, hair acts as a heat sink. It absorbs heat from the skull and radiates it back into the atmosphere.


During winter the human body has a net tendency to loose heat. And a major chunk of this heat is lost from the skull. The hair prevents this by forming a heat-trapping layer on the skin. During the formation of the layer, hair follicles stand upright. That is also when we get goosebumps on our skin.

Self Image

A full head of hair is considered attractive. It is a great boost for your confidence and self-image. And a great self-image is one of the keys to a successful life. So healthy hair means a successful life.



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