Do you really need a psychiatrist?

Life is awash with problems. And at they become¬†extremely painful. This is when the social relations you’ve accommodated over the years come in handy. At such times, you need someone to talk to.

If you have a good bunch of friends or perhaps an understanding family, there will be no shortage of people who’ll listen to your problems and comfort you. But what if you have neither? The answer is a psychiatrist.

A psychiatrist is a person skilled in the art of listening. He is also by education apt enough to understand the inner workings of your mind. There are two flaws in the resume of a psychiatrist that are a matter of concern. First, he listens to you and talks to you for a price, a hefty one at that. Second, he is apt enough to understand the average human mind. Whereas your unique mind can only be understood by people that spend a lot of time with you. A stranger with a psychology degree can’t possibly understand you as much as your friends and family can.

So if you’re facing a problem and it is unbearable and you must talk to someone about it, find a friend who is patient enough to listen to you. I am not against psychiatrists and I am not saying that there is no need for them. But for me personally, a world where we must discuss our problems with a stranger for money is a lonely world indeed.


If you differ with my opinions or have anything to share with me about your visit to the psychiatrist, put it in the comments below or write to me at You can also get in touch on my social profiles – the links are on the right.



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