Cooking is meditation

What are the basics of meditation – you must be relaxed, your mind clear of thought and your body engaged in something that requires minimum effort. I could be talking about an orgasm but I’m not.┬áIt is the art of making great food that I’m talking about.

Like painting is creating something beautiful to see, cooking is creating something beautiful to taste. And the many times I have cooked, I’ve noticed a kind of detachment from the rest of the world. My mind is cleared of all thought and concern as I focus on getting the flavors right. The ingredients grab your attention from worries and hold it on to something heavenly – the satisfaction of creation. Every art is based on the satisfaction the human mind gets on having created something of value. And food being of the most essential value to life, cooking is the adding of value to life itself.

But be warned, cooking for hours on end is quite an opposite of meditation. So it would be wise to spend a short snippet of time cooking if relaxation is what you aim for. Try making an omelet or a soup, or any such small delicacy. It will do a lot to relax your nerves and ease out the frustrations of the day.


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