The Duality of Greatness

With great power comes great responsibility -said Uncle Ben to an emerging Spiderman. But he never told Peter that it would split his life in half. On one hand he would be a selfless crime fighter and on the other, he would have a job and a family. ┬áSo the apt modification to the great line would be – With great power comes duality.

Every leader that has risen to power has lead dual lives. One for his own and one for his people. And many a times, these two sides are at conflict. This is when the leader has to make a decision that will result in a loss on either side. If the leader prefers to choose his private benefit, he loses the credibility and power that the people associate with his seat. Even if he chooses his civic responsibility, he is bound to lose something personal. And though civic duty is a higher calling and personal satisfaction a necessary sacrifice, it is an unspoken truth that man cannot do without either – civic duty and personal life. There needs to be a balance of both in a leaders life so that he can perform his duty without perturbations from his personal life and lead a healthy personal life without disturbances from his duty. Indeed this is a very delicate balance and there are a rare few who have managed to pull off such a feat in the past.

But in the recent years, communication has grown faster and easier. The duality that plagued leaders of the past is no longer that big a problem for today’s leaders. But as time progresses, the responsibilities leaders must handle will increase in number and then will the inevitable duality will come into play. And then again mankind will find a solution to rid their leaders of that duality. Until then our leaders will be excellent jugglers of two important questions – what a man must do? & what a man wants to do?


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