Love Vs Hatred – The Plum Cake Theory

Hatred and Love have always been considered opposites. Conventionally, you can either love a person or hate a person. You can never do both, although you can be indifferent. But what I have seen of life begs me to disagree with the norm.

Love can’t possibly have an opposite since that would mean having an opposing concept. And love cannot be an enemy itself. You’ll ┬ádiscover from observing human behavior that love and hate go hand in hand. Where there’s passion, the relationship veers time and again into hatred and sometimes finds its way back to love. Hatred is not love’s enemy, but its accessory. Like the plum in a plum cake, hate exists in short snippets embedded into love. But as the plum cake never stops being a cake, love with hatred embedded never stops being love. In fact, love binds hate and turns it into something useful like the cold earth’s crust hugs the warmer core and turns it into a breathing paradise.

Get out into the world for this very reason, and find your love. And be warned enough to expect to find hatred too. But never stop at hatred as there is love beyond it. Soon you’ll enjoy the plums but because of them, you’ll enjoy the cake more too.


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