First Day as Staff Writer (and what I learnt from it)

A few days back I began my job as staff writer at an online news company.( I would’ve have named the company but don’t really know if it is okay to do so.) Staff writer is an entry level position in the career of a writer. And though I’m just starting out as a professional writer, the fact that I have an official writing job makes my ego inflate by the hundreds. But it is wise to not let that ego get to me and continue telling you what I learned from my first day as a writer.

Being alert

As a writer, specifically a newswriter, one must be alert not only regarding what’s happening in the news and in the world, but also what’s happening in the workplace. You can’t always expect others to feed you the information you ought to know. So it helps if you have a habit of procuring information rather than waiting for it.

Singular Focus

This is the term I’ve given to the phenomenon of concentrating on one thing at a time. It might be normal for you but for me, yes it is quite a task. I’ve laid it out all open for you in the ‘What is Mindfeed?‘ section of this site. I want to take in everything all at once. And obviously enough, this tendency creates problems for my concentration. The first day as Staff Writer taught me most importantly how to focus on one thing at a time. But one day isn’t enough to form a habit, it might take months for that. Until then, I’m glad to be on the path towards reorganizing my thoughts.

Writing in 3rd Person

Writing for a news company means that at the end of it, you’ll be a master of writing in 3rd person. The hundreds of articles they will make you write will make sure that you yield the 3rd person like a fine edge sword.

There is a lot more to tell you but I’ve covered the essentials. The rest are just variable nuances and might not apply universally.

In the end, I just want to tell those who are looking for their ‘perfect’ first job – it will never come, take the first one that you get and start working towards creating your perfect job. Having tasks to do and getting paid for them really instills confidence in you and makes you a dreamer of a more successful future. So find your passion and go get employed.


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