De Bono’s ‘How To Have Creative Ideas?’

Edward De Bono is a magician when it comes to unleashing your hidden creativity. And one of his greatest performance is his own book ‘How To Have Creative Ideas ?’

The book consists of 62 different exercises all using random words to provoke original thought. As you go through these unique exercises, your brain gets used to thinking in multiple ways. And all you have to do is solve one exercise a day! Isn’t that easy.. and these exercises aren’t even like those brain teasers with only one correct answer. As long as your answer satisfies the conditions given by the exercise, any answer is acceptable. De Bono encourages you to think as creatively as you can while you solve these exercises.

And honestly, I’ve been solving exercises from the book since the past month. Around halfway through the book, I feel my mind is getting freer. I’m getting more used to thinking out of the box. I would suggest this book to anyone who is looking to expand the thinking ability of their mind. More so, any of De Bono’s books are the best for enhancing and understanding your brain. So go online and get his books and work through them. In the end, you’ll find yourself to be a better thinker than before.

Try reading Edward De Bono’s books, especially the one mentioned above and let me know what you thought of them – in the comments, or write to me at or you can get in touch with my social profiles ( whose links are on the right side of the post).

How To Have Creative Ideas (Edward de Bono) on Amazon

Edward de Bono on Amazon


One thought on “De Bono’s ‘How To Have Creative Ideas?’

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