Money: means to an end

History has seen lives go to vain in pursuit of extravagant wealth. Man never ceases to want and the world never ceases to offer. This leads to man’s life spiraling out of control. The question you might want to ask yourself: Is money worth spending my whole life on?

The day your first paycheque comes in hand, you start analyzing yourself economically – How much do I get as opposed to how much time I put in? Then you begin comparing your personal answer to this question with others. But you never stop to really think about what money really is?

It is just a tool to fulfill your wishes. And hence, money shouldn’t be a motive in itself. When one gets enough money to buy something he wished to have, the transaction ough to stop. But it doesn’t. After getting what you want, you start wanting something better. And for something better, you have to earn better. This process repeats endlessly until death, unless stopped. And in the end, on your deathbed, you realize that your passions and your aspirations have been left far behind. All you now have is the exhaustion from running behind the money.

The key principle to understand here is that money is a tool, a means to an end. That is all money should ever be to you. You earn some money, you buy something using that money and you get your happiness from what you bought – not from the money. Although money was a requirement for your happiness, it isn’t the source of your happiness. The things we buy with money are the source of happiness.

So stop running behind money for life and start using it for a change. Don’t keep earning until you die – in-fact retire at an early age and use the money to travel, garner experience from the world. Because the value of your money is only as much as you’ve used it. A billionaire who earns another billion every year is still a beggar if he doesn’t take out time to use that money.

A rich man less travelled is a beggar,

a beggar roamed the world is a king.


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