Happiness and the reason for sadness

Remember the last time you felt completely happy? What was it like? The fact that you can answer this question, that you can remember what it felt like to be happy, is because you are not that happy presently. Or maybe you’re even sad. But what I want you to understand is that sadness is not that bad. Let me tell you why.

Happiness is a feeling of immense pleasure and fulfilment. It indicates that you are satisfied with the conditions around you and are in a pleasant state of mind.  And obviously you would want to be happy forever, right? The answer to that question is in an analogy between the state of the mind and an article.

Imagine if I wrote without any punctuation. This post would be a continuous sentence about 300 words long. Such a sentence would be so boring that you would stop reading it after the first few lines. So what do I do? I punctuate i.e. I interrupt the sentence with full stops and commas. This makes the sentence readable and more comprehensible.

Life too is a 100-year long blog post. If there were only happiness without the interruptions of sadness, life would be like that continuous sentence – boring, incomprehensible. You’d get bored in the first few years and then you’d probably stop living. This is why sadness is important. Happiness makes life worth living but only the sadness makes life worth meaning.

A post of mine called ‘Love Vs Hatred: The Plum Cake Theory‘ explores a similar relationship between love and hate. These are all the yins and yangs of life. You don’t get one without the other and neither is complete without the other.

Have anything to share about happiness and sadness? Post it in the comments below or write to me at aniketchaughule1@gmail.com. Or better yet, get in touch through my social profiles whose links are on the right. Until the next post, Goodbye!


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