Greatness is cultivated

Everyone, including me, aspires to be great. But like all big things and Rome, greatness isn’t built in a day. Nor does success happen overnight. All the overnight success stories you’ve heard only seem so because you haven’t heard about the years of struggle that go into making that one night a success.

So I have an analogy that will help you (and me)  on your path to success.

Greatness is like a crop. It is cultivated.

Steps to cultivate greatness

1. Seeds of initiative

To get to a place, you have to first decide that you want to get to the place. This decision in more general terms is also called ambition. Ambition is the seed of greatness. You have to at first, aspire to be something i.e. you sow the seeds of an¬†initiative. To clarify, ambition alone doesn’t guarantee success, but only sets you on the way to it.

2. Water of learning

After you’ve decided what you want to be i.e you’ve taken an initiative to succeed, the next step is to give life to your ambition. You do this by watering your ambition with learning. Learning infuses knowledge and thought into the seed. The seed starts sprouting beneath the surface. While you’re learning, you are turning into what you wanted to be – slowly and from the inside.

3. Manure of practice

Sprouting of ambition doesn’t guarantee a great harvest. You have to nourish your ambition with practice. Practice enhances and strengthens your working knowledge. The manure is the most important accessory to a crop. So it is with practice. It is the greatest accessory for greatness.

4.Weeding out errors

A crop that is ready to harvest must be free of weed. When you have done a lot of practice, you notice some errors in your techniques. You have to rectify them yourself or perhaps with the help of a guide.

The Harvest of Greatness

If you’ve followed the 4 steps, you are ready with a healthy crop. You have reached the gate to greatness. Now all you have to do is harvest the fruits of your labor. Greatness brings with it many pleasures and luxuries. It is your right to enjoy them.



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2 thoughts on “Greatness is cultivated

  1. Julia, I’m glad I could be of help. I read your posts on the topic and I have to say, they’re a very fresh point of view. Actually while reading your posts, I realised that maybe greatness isn’t a personal thing. Greatness is just how other people see a successful person. But the person himself, is just doing what they do best. A person we call great, is just a person who has practised his abilities to a pedestal of perfection that a majority of the population can’t achieve.


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