Why suicide is scientifically illegal?

Suicide means taking one’s own life. And that’s perfectly fine if the life you’re taking is only your own. But usually in suicide that is not the case. No, I m not talking about the hurt that your death will cause to your loved ones. No. What I mean to say has a more scientific and logical basis.

Our body is made up of a lot of cells. And these cells eat and excrete. And in their short lives, they multiply and die off. Our individual cells have a life of their own. So if you kill yourself, you’d be killing your individual cells too. That’s the definition of murder.

You can’t kill yourself because in the process you’d be killing countless cells. The human body is not a shell housing a single soul. It is an ever growing conglomerate of billions of microorganisms that are in agreement to co-operate with each other. Killing yourself is philosophically comparable to killing a whole nation.

So the next time you think of killing yourself, you’ll know you don’t have the right to do so.

My honest advice in this regard would be, don’t kill yourself. The worst of life is a million times better than the best of death.


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