My first termination – and what I learnt from it

I woke up today expecting to write 2 articles and then get on with the rest of my chores. (If you don’t follow what I’m talking about, you probably missed my post – First Day as Staff Writer (and what I learnt from it) ) And I have this weird habit of checking the mail as soon as I wake up. So instinctively I powered up my computer and opened my email account. And there it was, staring – no – glaring at me right in the face. It was a termination letter.

If you’ve read my previous post, you know that just recently I had got the job of a staff writer at a news company. Since then I’d been writing 2 articles every day. Now after about 2 weeks, I have been terminated from the job. The email cited the reason as ‘poor performance. And there is a partial truth to that email.

I had been distracted a lot in the past week. I took a video editing class. I started reading more. All of this meant that I lost out on a few days of work. So I have a couple of words of wisdom I want to remember and also to share with you.

1) Observe deadlines strictly

Deadlines are sacred for an editor. If at the end of the day, you don’t submit the articles assigned to you, then that is seen as an indicator of incompetence. You not only have to finish the required work but you also have to maintain or improve in quality of work. Falling behind on submissions isn’t the way to achieve these goals.

2) Overachieve on the targets (monthly or yearly)

Monthly or yearly targets are meant to be broken. And if you’re working as a staff writer, it is compulsory to overdeliver on those targets. If there are 365 articles scheduled for the year, do 700 or more. Overachievers are an asset to any company and are almost immune from termination.

In the end…

One job termination isn’t the end of the world. Many of history’s greats have been terminated from their jobs. All I have to do is keep faith in my skills and keep working towards being a better writer.

P.S  since I am relieved of my post as a staff writer, you can expect more frequent posts. My goal is to write at least 2 posts every day. It also means, on good days, I might even write 4.


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