The illness of being different

Normal is the norm. And anyone that doesn’t follow the norm, is abnormal. At least, this is what the world would have you think. And despite the fact that great minds have emerged solely from their ability to be different, society still considers uniqueness to be an illness.

We’ve learned in school that evolution is a series of changes that happens over time. If that’s true, then those who are different are the agents of evolution. ┬áThink of it this way – life began in the sea. And then it spread to the land. Fishes are the reason land animals exist, but not all fishes are conferred this honor – only those that chose to venture onto land.

After 5 lakh years of intellectual evolution, it is disappointing that humanity chooses to torture the fish that dare to venture on land. You’re told to celebrate your differences, your uniqueness – because they set you apart from the world. But that is only until it is convenient. The first time you really start to swim against the flow, the water comes crashing onto you with malignant force.

Your differences will be accepted by society only if they’re convenient. The second they become inconvenient, society shuns them and damns you to unfair judgment. But the truth that the normal masses can’t handle is that they’ll never amount to much – and that those who are different will be the identity of greatness.

It is a sad truth that the normal bully the abnormal. And since the so-called normal ones are huge in numbers, the abnormal ones are strikingly outnumbered. But even with such impossible odds, the abnormal always win over the normal ones.

So, being different is truly an illness. If you are different, you will suffer in numerous ways. But like the fish that chose land, you will emerge out of the illness, a victor.



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