Disinhibition – the need for alcohol

How does one get addicted to alcohol?

A drinking habit is usually the result of our brain developing chemical dependencies for alcohol. In simple terms, alcohol consumption increases the number of alcohol receptors in the brain. These increased number of receptors demand more alcohol and thus you always crave for another drink.

But there is one more important factor that is instrumental in creating a drinking habit.


Inhibition is defined as the feeling of self-consciousness one experiences when they face uncomfortable situations eg. a public speech, a party, a presentation. Stage fright, nervousness, shyness and low self-esteem are all inhibitions. What alcohol does is that it makes your brain bypass these inhibitions. That is, it acts a

What alcohol does is that it makes your brain bypass these inhibitions. That is, it acts a disinhibitor. It makes your brain chemically immune to inhibitions. The effect is that you feel more confident. You forget worry and your brain calms down to a relaxed state. And since the human soul is ever thirsty for bliss, the human body develops a thirst for alcohol.

Alcohol isn’t a solution to stage fright

Inhibitions can be cured by proper training. There are ample remedies to¬†the worries of life. Read a book, travel somewhere, talk to people or watch a movie. Doing all of these will slowly but surely rid you of your fears and worries. You don’t need alcohol to do that for you.

P.S I don’t think trading in your liver for short term confidence is a good bargain.



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