Mechanism of the mind – How the brain works.

Not all of us are expert neurologists or psychologists. So we lack the educational basis to truly understand the human brain. And hence to most of us, it seems like an infinitely complex machine. But the brain can be simply understood through the use of models. Situations of daily life can be compared to events and phenomena occurring inside the brain. And the best person to do this is Edward de Bono.

In his book, ‘Mechanism of the mind’, Edward de Bono explains the complex processes of our brain by using models that can be easily understood by the common man. I’ve just started reading the book. Having read 60 pages of it, I’ve understood a lot about the way the brain functions. Edward de Bono has done a great job in bringing the complex workings of the brain to a high school reading level.

If you are curious about how your brain works or want to improve your intellectual performance, I’d suggest you try the book out -> Mechanism of the mind ( clicking on the link will take you to the amazon page of the book) Also if you want to know more about Edward de Bono’s work read my article on another book of his ->De Bono’s ‘How To Have Creative Ideas?’

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