Many Universes: The Multiverse Theory

What if the flow of time isn’t really that simple? What if it isn’t like a single river flowing continuously in one direction? Erwin¬†Schroedinger, the famous physicist, said that his Nobel prize winning equations suggested the existence of several timelines. He also remarked that these timelines weren’t alternatives. They all happened simultaneously.



Since then, the concept has developed into a key explanation of our existence. The Multiverse Theory suggests that the timeline we exist in is one of

Since then, the concept has developed into a key explanation of our existence. The Multiverse Theory suggests that the timeline we exist in is one of several timelines. All these timelines occupy the same space, happen simultaneously and never interact with each other in any way.

Each one of the timelines is unique and different from each other. The differences between two timelines might range from minute to huge. In one timeline, the earth might not exist at all. While in the other timeline, everything else would be same except your hair would be blue. These simultaneous timelines are a possible answer to a popular question.

What’s so special about us?

It is estimated that our universe might have a 100 billion galaxies. And every galaxy contains a billion stars. And despite those humongous odds, we seem to be alone in the universe. No intelligent civilisation has contacted us yet. And very year our telescopes peer farther into the universe, our civilisation seems more and more isolated in an unending ocean of stars. In light of this situation, one might ask РWhat makes us so special that we were chosen for life?

The Multiverse Theory is an attempt to answer this question. It states that we aren’t special. In fact, the universe exists in every possible form simultaneously (the timelines we talked about ). And some of these universes are habitable enough to support life. And in a portion of these habitable universes, there’s a planet or more that can support life.Earth is one of those planets. And we are one of those civilisations that won the pre-Universe lottery.

It’s not that we are special. We’re just one of the probable outcomes of a cause ( the one that created the universe). We owe our lives to probability. And though Einstein disagreed with this view saying ‘God does not play dice with the universe’, the question is still up for grabs. There isn’t a definite answer as of yet. And this can only mean that there’s a lot of scope for discovery, out there in the final frontier – Space.




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