Health is moderation

The internet is rampant with tips and tricks to improve health. And considering the vastness of health information available, applying all those tricks can be overwhelming. But what if you could just follow one simple principle?


If you exercise too much, you run the risk of heart failure. But even if you exercise too less or none at all, still you run the risk of heart failure. The sweet spot is midway between the two alternatives.

Similarly, health is also about moderation between the extremes. To stay healthy, eat everything but in moderation. Eating only leafy vegetables might result in protein deficiency. Depending only on meat will result in many vitamin deficiencies. Sticking to just one kind of food is bad for your body. So keep it a habit to consume all kinds of food but in moderation.

This will ensure that your body meets the daily optimum intake for all nutrients. The benefits of moderation are so well recognised that even school curriculums recommend a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a method of moderation in food.


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