Learn Psychology: What is Psychology?

According to the Greek language, psychology is the logic (logos) behind the soul (psyche). In the present day, psychology is defined as the study of the human mind, thoughts and feelings.

But as you may have noticed, knowing what a person is thinking is an impossible task. You can at most, make an educated guess. And psychology is a science – science has no room for guesses. So psychology studies human thoughts and feelings through a factor that can be easily observed and recorded – behaviour.

Behaviour is the main focus of all psychological studies. And since it is the direct or indirect manifestation of our thoughts and feelings, it gives a scientific window into how the human mind reacts to different situations.

So, the answer to the question is actually ‘ Psychology is the study of the mind, thoughts and feelings through behaviour.’



Sorry for the brief post. I’ve been busy with exams the past week. But I’m back now and will be writing a new post every day, besides the ‘Learn Psychology’ series. Also remember to watch out for the first post of the ‘Inspire’ series coming out next Saturday ( 11th Feb 2017).

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