Exercising is better than dieting.

If fitness is a spaceship then it has two engines. The first one is exercise and the other a proper diet. But we naturally assume them both to be equally important. But that isn’t the case.

Assume you are eating a proper diet – fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals etc. And also suppose that you get moderate exercise every day. You’ll notice that despite exercise, fats still tend to gradually accumulate. By the time you are 40-50, you develop a protruded belly. That is because the body is not 100% efficient at burning fats. Every time you exercise, a little amount of fat is left unburnt. This little amount accumulates over the years and causes the familiar middle-aged belly.

There’s a solution to this problem. If you focus more of your time on exercise and less on a proper diet, all of the excess fats get burnt. I’m not saying that a proper diet is not important – I mean that if you increase your exercise time, fats do not accumulate in your body. A body free from excess fat stays healthy and the rest takes care of itself.

Disclaimer: A proper diet is vital to a healthy body. Exercise is merely a great complement to food. In no way can exercise be a complete substitute for eating right.



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