Sandwiches & America

Everyone loves a good sandwich. The reason behind this is the same reason that the USA is so successful as a nation. So to uncover the secrets of successful food and a prospering nation, we must delve into the what exactly makes a sandwich.

What is a sandwich?

A quick look at the Wikipedia page for ‘Sandwich’ gives you a clear and concise definition of a sandwich – one or more types of food wrapped in two or more slices of bread.  This definition is just another metaphor for America – many ethnicities from all around the world wrapped in a solid nation of 50 states.

Diversity is tasty.

The reason a sandwich feels tasty is because of the plethora of tastes bundled up in it. The human tongue has evolved to appreciate many good tastes together, instead of one single excellent taste. This is the reason why a sandwich tastes so good. Diversity is tasty. The United States of America are a testament to the fact. America is so successful as a nation because of one key reason – Diversity. People from all around the world have settled here. And this has led to an ocean of varied opinions cohabitating peacefully. It is also this diversity of opinions that makes the constitution of America so liberal and modern.

Next time you eat a sandwich,

recall that you’re not just eating a sandwich, you’re consuming an edible product of diversity. And also keep in mind that what you are eating holds the key to a better and more perfect world.

See you tomorrow, until then, keep mindfeeding !



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