Identity – Who am I?

 Who am I? The one question we all ask ourselves but doesn’t have an answer. Actually, we do have an answer to that question. We call it ‘life’.

Since birth, we aim to find our place in this world. We strive to make an identity. Some of us do that by differentiating from others. Some find their place by trying to imitate the people around them. Logically, there’s no harm in either of the 2 strategies. But the common thing about them both is ‘Ambition’.

Ambition is the method of finding the answer to the question – Who am I? We aspire to become something different than we already are. Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail. Those that succeed find their solace in having found their place in the world. Those that don’t, resort to the adage – ‘There’s no place for the different in this world.’

The truth is actually simpler. The question of identity is an internal one. And we spend all our lives searching for it externally. That is the reason why the question seems unanswerable. We’re looking for it in the wrong place.

But if you think logically, the question is illogical. A human being keeps changing continuously during his lifetime. You’ll never know who you are because, by the time you answer the question, you will have changed.

So it would be more logical to ask – ‘Who was I?’ OR ‘Who do I want to be?’. The former question is called ‘self retrospection’ and the latter one is called ambition.




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