Video Editors are Crazy People

Before you judge me based on the out-of-context title, let me clarify. Video editors or simply film editors have the most inhumane job in the world. They take a piece of film and video and cut it and join such pieces of videos together to make a final film. In the process, they may have to watch and rewatch a segment of a film or the whole film several times. And this rewatching process is physically taxing. It is somewhat like what rewriting is to writers.

I’ve edited two short films until now and every time I sat down to edit, I’ve ended up with a sore back. (To hell with those who say that careers in the media are not laborious.) Watching a video, rewatching it, thinking how it would fit best, placing the cuts, making sure the colour is just right…  doing all this with one brain is a gargantuan task. And film editors of the world do this every single day. I break my back over short films… I can only imagine what it must be to edit 2-hour feature films. An editor has to be insane to survive such an ordeal.

So the next time you come in contact with a film editor, just salute him/her. They make our films more understandable and more fun to watch. They deserve to be honoured.


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