Inspire: Leap of Faith

Humans have learnt to have faith. Some have faith in the gods, some in the forces of nature. But there’s an endangered species of people that have taught themselves to have faith in their own abilities.

These are the ones we call the successful, the extraordinary and the genius. These are the minds that run the world and shape its views according to what they see fit. These are the ones that have a significant voice in their field. And they’re bold enough to use it. And the only difference between them and the failures is that they took the leap of faith.

We start out not knowing how to walk. But as time passes by, you try to stand. You do that because of faith – faith that your parents will catch you if you fall. That faith empowers you to try to walk. And surely enough, you fall a couple of times. Your parents immediately catch you. This makes you even braver. You try more frequently to stand up and walk. In no time, you are running around the house, jumping over sofas and making your parents’ life a blissful nightmare.

When you grow up and are trying to achieve your goals, your parents aren’t able to cushion your falls anymore. You alone have to deal with every failure that comes your way. And if you’re on the road to greatness, failure is more abundant than success. In such a scenario it is easy to lose hope and give up. It is a primal instinct – if you’re failing more than you’re succeeding, there’s no point in continuing.

But this is where faith comes into play. Faith helps us look into the possible future – the one where we are successful. This image of future success overrides the primal instinct and keeps us working towards our goal, despite the failures.

You need a leap of faith to take off into success



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