Ultimate Power Is Death Imminent

Most people crave for ultimate power. And those who don’t, wouldn’t turn it down if offered. But the lure of omnipotence and an infinite life is a road straight into death’s belly. How, you ask? Let me explain.

Before we talk about unlimited power, let’s talk about the limited physical power that we have. We eat food and digest it to create a finite amount of power. This power in turn, drives our muscles to perform ordinary tasks. But say you have to perform an extraordinary task. Maybe, you want to outswim Michael Phelps. Now to do that, you will need enormous amounts of energy. And more so, you will have to train your muscles to handle that kind of power.

Training your muscles often involves exercises that strain them. And if you are a beginner to working out, your muscles ache after you are done exercising.Those who’ve ever joined a gym, jogged or taken a martial arts class will know this. After the workout ends,  the muscles start paining.Well to put it more frankly, they ache like hell. This happens because they’ve been stretched beyond their usual limit and are adjusting themselves to the new level of strain. And we’re just talking about a very small amount of power.

If you want to be omnipotent and immortal, you’ll need an infinite amount of energy. But your body will also need to adjust itself to ultimate power. This will cause tremendous amounts of pain, which the human body isn’t built to handle. And what happens when the body goes through unbearable pain? It shuts down. Your body surrenders to death, being unable to take the pain.

It is like a fish trying to breathe out of the water. There is more oxygen in the air than in water. Yet the fish struggles to breathe in the open air. This is because his lungs aren’t used to this much oxygen. The strain on his lungs ultimately kills him.

Ultimate power by definition is unattainable. It death imminent.


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