Put pen to paper

     No one knows everything. But everyone knows something that someone else doesn’t. And this is the basis of human advancement. People make their own small or big contributions to the human knowledge base. And bit by bit, our civilization becomes smarter. Imagine the ocean that emerged from numerous individual drops.

     Every individual has unique thoughts, unique emotions and possesses a unique perspective on life. And every unique way of thought is a gate way to new information. Who knows? Maybe you are a drop. Maybe you are a bout of rain. Whatever be your weight on this world, your contribution is important. The world needs to know about your perspective. Your little contribution of original information makes the world that much more wiser.

     So for the good of mankind, take a pen and put it to paper. Record your thoughts as and when they come – keep a journal, write a blog or give speeches. Make the ocean a drop bigger and motivate others to do the same. And before you realize it, the ocean of knowledge will grow by leaps and bounds.



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