A Time lapse of Human Population

The American Museum of Natural History has came up with a video depicting the growth of human population with time. If you haven’t seen the video yet, click on this link :

Human Population Through Time

The  video is nothing short of an eye opener. It is a visual reminder of how far we’ve come along in the past few centuries. If you take a good look at the image below, you’ll notice something very odd.


The population growth rate has spiked in the last few centuries. And if you consider the time from the end of World War II( 3 Billion ) to the present day (10 Billion), the human population has grown plus 7 billion in about 70 years. But it took more than 2,00,000 years to get to the initial 3 billion. And if the growth in the past century is any indicator of where we are headed, the future seems bleak at best. People will die not because of an apocalypse, but because there isn’t enough for everyone.

So if you’re thinking about having a second baby, or a baby at all, think again?


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