A War Of Interpretations: Science V/s Art

Einstein is Science. Picasso is Art. These classifications are necessary. They keep you from concentrating on the typography of a research paper. They prevent you from scientifically evaluating an abstract painting. And yes, the fundamental difference between Science and Art is as great as between the land and the sky. But they inhabit the same purpose : finding and making sense of the truth.

The quest for truth is the sole identifying trait of the human species. All learning we have aggregated over the lifetime of civilization, is in fact, a result of the yearning for understanding the world around us.

Science: An observational interpretation

Science helps us understand the observable phenomena. And observable phenomena isn’t just limited to phenomena that we can sense, but other phenomena that can be logically derived using information gathered by our senses. So in a way, Science is the observational and logical interpretation of the world around us.

Art: A philosophical interpretation

Art is an individual-specific interpretation of the world around us. An artistic creation is the interpretation of an artist’s unique perspective about a thing. A painting, a play, a dance, a song might not be factual but it is expressive – it expresses the creator’s personal perspective. To put it in simple words, Art is a philosophical interpretation of the world around us.

The War of Interpretations

To paraphrase the earlier paragraphs, Science is a study of the external (to the mind) and Art is the study of the internal. But none is more accurate than the other. More so, none exists without the other. Actually, if you notice carefully, there are numerous overlaps between the two. The most major overlap between Science and Art is Geometry. It combines the logic of science and the shapes and figures of art. Geometry also happens to be the reason behind Da Vinci’s artistic grace and Newton’s intellectual prowess.

So the War between Science and Art is an unnecessary one. Whether you’re an Artist or a Scientist, in the end, all you are is curious.


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