Keeping you cool in Summer

Summer has hit Southeast Asia and in a few months, the whole Northern Hemisphere will experience a heat wave. Following that, the Southern hemisphere will battle summer in December. So if you take the whole world as a reference, Summer isn’t an annual phenomenon. But the main question is, are we equipped to deal with this year long season?

Here are a few ways to beat the heat:

1. Stay Hydrated

This one is so obvious, I need not elaborate. And yet I will. The body of a mammal deals with the heat by sweating. Salt water oozes from pores on the skin. It then absorbs heat from the skin and evaporates away, thus transferring heat from your body to the surroundings. The best way to maintain this cycle is to keep replenishing the source of sweat. Keeping yourself hydrated will ensure that you have enough water available to sweat.

2. Wear clothes of lighter shades

The colour white reflects most of the light coming from the sun. The colour black doesn’t reflect any. So wearing clothes with shades closer to white will reflect most of the light from the sun and keep your body comparatively cooler. And trust me, choosing to wear black on a sunny summer’s day is tantamount to suicide.

3. Get a haircut

This one might not be so obvious. Hair on the head performs the function of heat dissipation. It keeps your head from overheating. So logically, the more hair you have, the cooler your head must be, right ? Well, not exactly.  Beyond a certain length, hair proves to be a nuisance during summer. Long hair tends to trap heat. This proves to be a hindrance in heat dissipation. So the best way to deal with the heat is to get a haircut – but don’t cut it too small – this will leave your skull exposed to heat and thus susceptible to overheating.

4. Get an Air Conditioner and stay at home

If the first 3 steps don’t work for you, may be going outside isn’t meant for you. Beg your parents to get an AC installed in your room and stay inside. I’d suggest reading up on something and not thinking about how much fun your friends are having on the beach.


So to those who are tackling with summer, goodluck. And to those who aren’t, summer will get you soon enough.



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