Reading a bit of Basham – The Wonder That Was India

Arthur Llewellyn Basham is a noted historian of the 1950s. He had done BA in Sanskrit which led him to the study of Indian Civilizations.  The man spent his life analysing ancient Indian texts and drawing up a concise understanding of ancient Indian customs, traditions, civil structure, economy. And a compendium of this extensive study is his book, ‘The wonder that was India’.

I’ve just started reading this book yesterday. And 50 pages into the 500 page long journey, my mind has already been blown. I never liked history that much, but after reading a bit of Basham, I’m eager to delve into history as a hobby. Nonetheless, if you’re a history fanatic or are simply interested in learning about ancient India, this book is meant for you.

If you want to buy the book, here is the link to it’s amazon page :

Buy ‘The Wonder That Was India’ – A.L Basham


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