Why Youtube is addictive?

Early humans fed themselves by hunting animals. This required them to be alert and pay attention to any kind of motion. As time went by, this attention to motion became more fine tuned. The human eye had become the world’s quickest motion sensing camera.

Although modern humans don’t need to hunt for food, the natural instinct for detecting motion is still ingrained in our brain. It diverts more amount of resources for processing motion compared to still objects. This means that we are hardwired to focus most of our attention towards any kind of movement. This is the reason why movies are more entertaining than paintings, why a tiger is more interesting than a redwood tree. t

This is also the reason why Youtube is so addictive. It is the most popular platform for posting videos. And since videos are just captured motion, we tend to pay more attention to Youtube videos than any other format.

So next time you’re binging on Youtube videos, remember there are ancestral instincts at play in your addiction.


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