Want to be a writer? First, get bored.

Where do stories come from? Some from real life, some we create entirely in our minds. But whatever kind of story you want to write, there’s always a component of imagination to it. And therein lies the key to become a great writer.

A writer needs to weave a story that is believable and more so, fresh. If your story is a rehashing of a former story, it isn’t that fun to read. So a story needs to be new in order to grab the reader’s gaze. So the question remains, how to best create an entirely new story.
It’s simple. Just get bored. The mind hates being bored. So when you’re just sitting still and doing nothing, the mind starts weaving stories for its own amusement.  In other words, your creative faculties go into autopilot mode – creating stories becomes automatic.. or more appropriately, effortless.

If you want more proof, just take a look at the process of dreaming. Our mind is sensorily detached from the world. There is no scope for entertainment. And in that amusement deprived state, our mind creates visual stories that seem almost real.. that is until you wake up, of course.


Thank you for having patience. I’ve been very busy this week, working on a story for a feature film. But come next week, I’ll be freed from that appointment and will be blogging regularly from then on.

Until then, keep reading and keep mindfeeding!



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