If there’s a God, then he’s a musician

Who is God?

Everyone knows the answer to this question. But for the sake of our discussion, we must devise a clear definition of ‘god’. For the time being, lets stick to the conventional definition of god.

God is the entity responsible for creating the Universe.

Why must God be a musician? (if he does exist)

The universe is made of two fundamental elements – matter and energy.  And all forms of energy are transported from one place to another through waves. Heat is transported through light waves, gravitational energy is transported through gravitational waves etc. So it is evident that energy always travels in waves.

Now let’s talk about matter. In 1924, a french physicist named ‘Louis de Broglie’ hypothesized that matter also has wave nature i.e. it behaves like a wave would. This hypothesis was proven experimentally in 1929.

This brings us to a common juncture between the nature of matter and energy – both behave like waves. So in a sense, the universe is filled with vibrations of all kinds. In the human world, the most beautiful vibrations are found in music. Hence it is my completely unscientific hypothesis that if at all god exists, he must be a musician – to have filled the universe with vibrations.

All that we see, feel and hear is just music of different kinds, made by the divine creator himself.


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