Bundles of infinite possibility

Why do we love babies? Yes, they’re cute. And they can’t defend themselves. So we’re naturally programmed to adore them. So we shower them with all the affection and protection we can afford. But there’s one more reason why babies are such bundles of joy.

Babies are essentially a blank slate. They come into this world with essentially no prior knowledge of its workings. This makes them very curious of their surroundings. A baby can spend his whole day learning new things, being curious about the world. Hence the wide eyes.

And as babies gather knowledge about the world that they live in, they futures are moulded, their alternatives grow more focused towards a particular activity/goal. And when these alternatives finally converge into a single goal, that is when we’ve truly become adults.

But what I’m interested in is the time when we have zero knowledge of the world. As babies, we have an infinite number of ¬†possible paths to choose from in terms of morality, religion,philosophy, values,physical fitness, career, ambition, hobbies etc. There are an infinite number of possibilities that a baby can grow into. Your baby might be the next mozart, or he might turn to a life of crime. We never know. ¬†And the human mind if fine-tuned to be attracted to suspense – to the possibility of how something might turn out. It is this mystery of the future that makes babies so amazingly interesting to us.

The next time you hold a baby in your arms,look into its eyes and get a warm fuzzy feeling – you’ll know in your heart that you aren’t holding a bundle of joy; You are holding a bundle of infinite possibilities.

And a few words to those who are now babies but will be able to read this someday : Stay curious, stay a baby.


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