Noise on the outside is silence within.

I happen to have the luxury of an air-conditioned bedroom. The benefits of this facility are twofold : 1) I can keep my cool on hot summer days 2) The room is deathly silent, which makes for a great concentration booster.

One day, I opened the window in my bedroom while the air-conditioner was still running. I heard an incessantly loud noise – like somewhere close a car had an engine running. But there wasn’t any car around with a running engine. So looked at the compressor unit of the air conditioner fitted into the bottom grill of my window. It was this machine that was making that awful noise. So I closed the window. The room fell silent once more.

Today I was reminded of that incident. I realised that the silence the air-conditioner gave me had a cost. My room remained silent while another noise was added to the world outside.

And then I thought, humans have a similar affliction. Those that make the most noise on the outside, have a deep silence inside. If a person talks a lot, incessantly so then it is because he’s trying to avoid the silence inside his mind. Also, you’ll observe that the most shy of people are those who have the most worthwhile things to say. They speak seldom, but they speak gold. They’re like a dam, holding back water, and sending forth useful energy for people to enjoy.

To put this principle in a few words,

What you see on the surface, is the opposite of what is inside.

This principle isn’t a universal one. Human nature is much more nuanced to be governed by a singular principal. But what I’ve said is something to think about. The principle isn’t completely useless.


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