Where there’s light, there’s darkness.

The most serious pests plaguing the whole world are terrorists. One is forced to ask, why are they only now popping up on the world map? Well, the question is fundamentally wrong. Terrorists have always been their since the dawn of mankind. The only difference is in the meaning of peace. In the past, peace meant peace for your own kind of humans. So anyone that intruded in that peace was in fact a terrorist. In today’s times, peace has been standardized to become a global phenomenon.  The contemporary meaning of peace entails that all of the human population on this planet lives without a security threat. It is this globalized meaning of peace that lead to the word called ‘Terrorist’

Terrorist – Any person that causes harm to life without a criminal motive.

In a way, peace and terror are like light and shadow. The need for peace gives recognition to the obstacles in the path to peace. These obstacles are then given various names, all connected loosely or closely to terrorism. So in a way, if there is peace, there will be terror. It can’t be avoided. Of course it can be curbed so as to cause minimal harm to life. But the terrorist problem is akin to cancer. It can be minimized but never eradicated completely. And the only way to cure cancer (as of now, fingers crossed) is to kill the body itself. If the need for peace is given up, terrorists will have nothing to feed and flourish on. Because then, there will be no difference between peace and terror.

The choice rests with the people of the world. Do we fight them and suffer some bruises? OR Do we become like them to avoid the bruises altogether?

The decision is yours.


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