An empty mind, the demon’s den.

       God is the origin of everything in this universe. It is then obvious why most of us don’t care to investigate the origin of God himself. But a curious mind must question everything, even if it means questioning the creation of the creator himself.

      Before we begin, I must put forth a cautionary disclaimer : Hereafter when I say god, I refer to the human concept of God and not the actual creator himself.

When did we first think about God?

Before farming came about, everyday was a struggle for the basic necessities. Animals were hunted, fruits and roots foraged and communities were on high alert for predators and other external threats. When the day was finally over, there wasn’t enough energy left over for philosophical thought. Our ancestors couldn’t spare time for pursuits that didn’t directly supplement  survival.

The rise of farming brought about a bit of stability to the human mind. But still, there was a lot of work to be done. Farming was a 24/7 job. One had to watch the field every waking hour to make sure it was guarded from pests. Having such a jam packed schedule left little time for existential questions.

Who created the world?

What is our purpose in life?

Is there a creator?

Of course, when natural calamities ravaged crops, our ancestors attributed these happenings to a supernatural power that needed to be appeased. But that concept of a divine entity stemmed out of fear and poor knowledge of weather. God had taken birth in the mind of man but he hadn’t yet become a necessity.

Many generations later, the world had progressed rapidly.  All of our ancestors were farmers. But we didn’t have to be. Only a small portion of the population stayed farmers. The rest proceeded on to more clerical, sedentary jobs that left a lot of free time. And then came the Industrial revolution. Machines reduced a lot of manual labor. Now, our mind was ridden of the fear of predators, worry of crops and the struggle for basic survival. Our mind was empty. And an empty mind is craves something to think about. And in those curious cravings, we created God, in our own image.

Whether the actual creator of the universe exists or not – is still up for debate. But the God that we created, is certainly a figment of our imagination, created by the devil’s workshop.


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